Saturday, September 19, 2009

Breakfast Fare for Dinner

I suddenly had a craving for tocino(Wikipedia definition: a cured meat product native to the Philippines. It is usually made out of pork and is similar to ham and bacon although beef is also used. It is often reddish in color and has a sweetish taste. Its name is derived from the Spanish word tocino, which is used to describe bacon or cured meat.) earlier today. I decided to prepare one of my favorite breakfast items for dinner - this might be a weird idea to some, but a novel and much-appreciated one by my husband (and by me, of course!)

We still had leftover rice from lunch, so I went all-out and made fried rice too! I made sure there were lots of crunchy garlic bits on top to give the rice an interesting kick and texture (yummm). And what the heck - I threw in a sunny-side up egg with the package as well!

This is what a plate of my tosilog looked like, before two hungry people attacked:

After a few minutes of eating, with only the empty plates in front of us, my husband and I had one thing to say to each other...

"Good morning!" =)


  1. Good Morning sis (",) 9:16am...

    wow kung ganyan ba naman ang umagahan sa umaga na TOCINO eh sobrang winner, lalo na at may sinangag at itlog eh talo 2x na kame niyan hehehe..

    si chloe den basta Tocino at si Dennis, talagang walang tira sa lamesa...

    sis anung brand ng Tocino gamit niyo? kame kasi may pinagbbilhan talaga kame sa Pampanga, pag pmpunta ang parents ko dun...mas gusto ko kasi sa Tocino yung hindi masyado malambot, yung may onting tigas den matamis na maalat-alat..hmmmm nakakagutom..kain na nga ako sa baba hehhe (",)

    maski yung Tocino na pinag kkuhanan namen na Skinless the best sis...talagang pag kinain niyo ni hubby alam ko hindi ako mapapahiya sayo...basta incase na makaorganize tayo..bigyan kita niyan (",)

  2. hi Diane! we use Pampanga's Best tocino - readily available kasi sa supermarkets, and trusted ko nang hindi matigas yung meat products nila. pati skinless longganisa Pampanga's Best din kami. what brand pala yung sinasabi mo na from Pampanga din? para maka-try naman kami ng iba hehe...o di ba, winner talaga na breakfast ito, Pinoy na Pinoy comfort food!:)

  3. we use Pampanga's Best too (for tocino & skinless longganisa), although okay rin yung fatless tocino from Belcap :)

    pero when I crave for "breakfast food" for lunch and dinner, its usually hotdog & egg for me! minsan fried lang or kaya sauteed in oyster sauce :D Yummy!

  4. Bianca, sometimes i crave for hotdog and rice - okay na ako dun!(si hubby naman medyo nawweirduhan sya, kasi for him mas okay ang hotdog with bread:p) available ba ang Belcap sa local supermarkets?

  5. nope. Belcap is a store selling frozen goodies. they also sell cheesedog (yummy rin), nuggets same as Mcdo's and the hotdog they use for Jolly Hotdog :)

    ako hotdog w/ bread din usually.. pero winner din with rice (kaso mas bread lover ako e! ü)

    yummy pag toasted yung hotdog skin hehe then catsup + hot sauce as sawsawan! :P hehe.. na-try mo na slice yung hotdogs then saute in oyster sauce? yumm! hehe since di ako marunong magluto, yan lang yung mga simple na alam ko gawin. LOL.

  6. i haven't tried yung hotdogs sauteed in oyster sauce, matry nga minsan! do you have to add onions or anything else, or basta hotdogs and oyster sauce lang? what i tried before was something my friend cooked - weird lang tignan but it's sooo good...tofu sauteed in ketchup, onions and a bit of soy sauce :D