Monday, September 21, 2009

Super Simple Baked Macaroni Recipe

For my GT sisters...=)

BAKED MAC (serves 3-4)

1. Cook 200g (smallest package) of elbow macaroni (i use Del Monte Pasta Italiana) according to instructions on the package - don't forget to add a little salt and oil to the water; drain then set aside.

2. Saute chopped garlic, onions (the amount depends on your preference) for about 2 minutes or until soft. Add 1 can Century Tuna Light, then saute for an additional 2-3 minutes. If you want a chunkier pasta dish, don't break the tuna chunks/flakes into small piecces

3. Add 2 packs of Clara Ole 3-Cheese Pasta Sauce. Stir until well-combined.

4. Taste the sauce and adjust the seasonings according to your preference. I added some sugar, half a chicken cube, and a pinch of ground black pepper to bring the flavors together.
**Another version would be to add cheese spread (Chiz Whiz, Magnolia cheese spread, etc.) directly to the sauce, to thicken it and add more flavor. My sister does this and her baked mac is a hit with both kids and grown ups!

5. When you think you have achieved the taste you want, combine the sauce with the cooked macaroni. Mix well.

6. Transfer the mixture to an oven-proof dish (glass, pyrex, aluminum). Top generously with grated quick-melt cheese (make sure to pre-heat the oven before placing the pasta inside). Pop it into the oven for about 5-10minutes, or just until you see the browned and bubbling cheese topping.

7. Remove from the oven and let it cool for a while - this would be around 5-10 minutes so the cheese has enough time to cool (very hot cheese can burn your tongue/mouth! you won't be able to taste anything for days...). Serve with garlic bread on the side.

You can always adjust the ingredients according to your taste; I believe the secret to good cooking is knowing what tastes awesome to you (and to those you cook for), rather than following recipes to the letter. Don't be afraid to have fun while cooking!:)


  1. wow irene (",) thank you for sharing (add kuna ito sa aking favorites) ...aminado ako na ang alam ko lang eh kumain at humatol hahaha...ngayon subukan ko naman mag luto, gagawa ako nito sa Saturday...

    sis luto ka pa ha tapos share mo samen (",) ingit ako sa mga magagaling mag luto..dati meron akong ganun passion eh kaso ewan ko ba biglang nawala..

    swerte ni hub mo sis (",)

  2. diane, you're welcome! naku try mo nga ito this weekend, super-dali lang and matutuwa hubby and lil girl mo for sure -- pero best of all, di ka ngarag sa preparations hehe!

    minsan kasi ito na ang stress-reliever ko e- ang pagluluto. after ko matapos work ko (writing), parang gusto ko ng something na gagawin na nakatayo naman, at medto repetitive na di required ang total concentration and pagiisip:p

    ay naku sis, eto lalo kaming tumataba ng hubby ko! hehe hilig ko magluto, hilig namin pareho kumain - good luck! :D

  3. wow gusto ko to..